13th International Conference on Network and Service Management
Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 26 - Nov. 30, 2017

Camera-ready Paper Submission Instructions

1. General Information

Authors of accepted papers must guarantee that their paper will be presented at the conference/workshop. Every paper accepted at CNSM 2017, ICQT or ManSDN/NFV must have an associated registration at the Author rate. At least one author of each accepted paper must be registered for the conference/workshop by October 7, 2017 in order for that paper to appear in the proceedings and to be scheduled for presentation. For a paper in which all authors are students, one student author must register at the Author rate. For authors presenting multiple papers, one author registration is valid for three papers at most.

2. Formatting and IEEE XploreÁEreg; Compliance

When your accepted paper (full paper, mini-conference paper, short paper, workshop paper) is presented, it will appear soon afterwards on IEEE Xplore® (the IEEE Digital Library) and it is important that your submitted PDF file meets the specification for IEEE XploreÁEreg;. Failing to submit an IEEE Xplore® compatible PDF file may result in the file not being included in the conference proceedings. Please refer to the IEEE document "Simplified Requirements for Creating PDF Files for IEEE XploreÁEreg;" for more information. We strongly recommend that all final submissions be created using the IEEE PDF eXpress™ service. The IEEE PDF eXpress™ service can convert your paper from a wide range of formats to IEEE Xplore-compatible PDFs. The service is free of charge for CNSM 2017, ICQT or ManSDN/NFV authors and can be accessed using the following information:

An online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.

Previous users of PDF eXpress™ need to follow the above steps, but should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences. Verify that your contact information is valid.

The following information is intended to guide you on formatting your final paper, ensuring your PDF file is IEEE Xplore compliant.

2.1 Page Limit

The page limits are as follows:

Please address the suggestions raised by the reviewers to improve the quality of your paper and make sure to comply with all formatting requirements. Please note that it is not possible to purchase extra pages.

2.2 Templates

Please format your final submission using the guidelines provided in IEEE_conf_layout.pdf. The guidelines are implemented in IEEE templates. LaTex authors please verify you are using the following documentclass:


Only in case you are unable to use LaTex, other text processors may be used at your own risk. IEEE provides a template for Word in US-Letter size. Your final submission must follow all IEEE conference formatting requirements (e.g., font sizes, margins, and layout). Thus, check them really carefully.

Margins must be:

Copyright Notice:

Insert an appropriate copyright notice on the first page (bottom left) as follows:

\placetextbox{.2}{0.055}{ 978-3-901882-98-2~\copyright~2017 IFIP}


Further important requirements:

Please note that you should prepare the final manuscript with no page numbering.

3. Paper Upload

Before uploading your paper, please:

This is very important because we will be using the information provided in EDAS to generate the final conference program and the table of contents for IEEE Xplore. Please note that the abstract and title should be readable stand-alone and not contain any references or unexplained acronyms.

In case you need to modify the title or the abstract, you can do this through EDAS. Changes to the list of authors, allowed only under exceptional circumstances, have to be approved by TPC chairs. All the camera-ready papers have to be submitted via EDAS before October 7, 2017. EDAS will prevent you from uploading papers that do not comply with formatting checks. Please check all requirements carefully again if that happens. If you believe your paper is compliant and you are still prevented from uploading, please send your PDF eXpress™-certified PDF file to the publication chair and ask for advice. Please always put your EDAS paper number in the subject line of email communication.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This year we are asking the authors to provide additional information about the papers in an XML file format (template available here), to be submitted via EDAS. Please consider this article and corresponding metadata file as an example. These information will be used for paper's inclusion in ACM Digital Library. If you encounter problems or would like additional information, please download the ACM metadata-entry instructions or contact us at seizi.okumura@ctc-g.co.jp.

4. IFIP Copyright Form

Authors are required to transfer the copyright of their accepted papers to IFIP.

4.1 Authors of CNSM, ManSDN/NFV, or ICQT workshop

In this case you have to upload the form via EDAS. First, click here to get the IFIP copyright form. Read and fill it up adequately. Don’t forget to include the title of your work, the first and last names of all the authors, and then sign it. After getting the copyright ready, log onto EDAS and click on the copyright logo (©) of your accepted CNSM or Workshop paper. Update the signed copyright, following instructions on EDAS. Once you finish that process, EDAS will show the type and date of copyright submission on your paper page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must upload the camera-ready version of your paper, submit the IFIP copyright form and register no later than October 7, 2017. If you fail to comply, the paper will not be published in conference proceedings.

5. Open Access

All presented CNSM 2017 papers and collocated workshop papers will appear as open access at the date of the conference and will be made available on the CNSM Web site. In case a paper is not presented during the corresponding conference or workshop, it will be removed instantly from the digital library.

7. Registration

More information about the registration can be found here

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