CNSM 2021 Awards

Best Paper Award

Automating Reliable and Fault-Tolerant Design of LoRa-based IoT Networks, presented by Xiaofan Yu, University of California San Diego, USA Xiaofan Yu and Weihong Xu (University of California San Diego, USA); Ludmila Cherkasova (ARM Research, USA); Tajana Simunic Rosing (University of California, San Diego, USA)

Best Student Paper Award

Inferring Software Composition and Credentials of Embedded Devices from Partial Knowledge, presented by Pierre-Marie Junges, University of Lorraine, France Pierre-Marie Junges (University of Lorraine, France); Jérôme François (INRIA Nancy Grand Est, France); Olivier Festor (INRIA Nancy - Grand Est, France)

Best Demo Paper Award

DRL-based Slice Placement under Realistic Network Load Conditions, presented by José Jurandir Alves Esteves Jr., Orange Innovation and Sorbonne University, France José Jurandir Alves Esteves (Orange Labs & Sorbonne Université, France); Amina Boubendir and Fabrice M. Guillemin (Orange Labs, France); Pierre Sens (Université de Paris 6, France)

Best Reviewer Award

Marinos Charalambides, Huawei Technologies, Belgium